Mother of Perpetual Help Center Serves Where There is Need

High Fives

The Center's Outreach Program

Moving families forward

Mother of Perpetual Help Center has been working hard with the help of our members and volunteers to help individuals in our area. Our outreach program reaches those who are not only economically disadvantaged but also affected by HIV. These families receive support for their children's education with new uniforms and school supplies, which is a heavy financial burden. Each year, 200 to 250 students are helped with educational services.


Our Causes

Breaking Barriers, Opening Doors

Fighting Poverty

The Isan region is known for its arid climate and lack of industries. The province of Nongbualamphu has a low standard of living as compared to other areas. The majority of the people living in this area are subsistent farmers and day laborers dependent upon daily wages. With only one rainfall per year, the harvested rice crop is the staple food for the family; very little can be sold for profit. Overall, the working-age group in this region has a lower educational level, which decreases opportunities for advancement. While Thailand GDP per capita has gradually increased, but the economic growth in the Isan region is lower than the national level. Families in the Isan region continue to suffer economic hardship and family disruption with the high number of divorce. Those who can work would leave for jobs in bigger cities leaving behind the elderly and children.  

The Center runs a self-help program that gives out small loans to families or individuals without interest. At the agreed-upon due date, families would pay back the loan while continuing to grow their endeavors. Those under the self-help program receive loans for raising livestock, e.g. ox, cow, chicken, buying fertilizer for vegetation, and purchasing tools for handy work. Without having to worry about interest rates, families may be able to improve their livelihood with certain trades.  

Keep kids in school

MPHC partners with Children of the Mekong Project from France to give scholarships to children in low-income families. Currently, there are 42 children in the program who receives a monthly stipend to help with lunch money, transportation to school, uniform, and school supplies. All are great expenses for the families. The support and encouragement helps children to stay in school.

School supplies

Education is an important factor in improving the lives of people in Nongbualamphu. Each year, MPHC gives out school uniforms, book bags, and school supplies to 200-250 students from low-income families. The Center hopes that the small support will help the families financially and encourage children to stay in school.