Mother Mary House

A place of welcome and of acceptance

Mother Mary House is the home for young people living with HIV, who have lost one or both parents to AIDS. Here, they have access to essential services like education and medical services. The Center aims to help young people living with HIV move into adulthood well with a positive outlook on life and, most importantly, adheres to the antiviral treatment plan. Children who contracted HIV from mother-to-child transmission are susceptible to many issues affecting the youth. These young people have to deal with the tragedies of an incurable disease, losing parents to AIDS, and the burden of rejection and discrimination. The children and young people that the Center accepts face not only issues pertaining to HIV, but also disabilities from Down Syndrome, autism, and the lack of educational opportunities. The staff work with these young people daily, counseling and empowering them to work toward the future. With an overflow from the hospice, elderly patients, who have recovered but no home to return, would also stay at this home. With both the elderly and young people living together, both groups have given support to each other, creating a more familial environment and a community that is welcoming, hospitable, and affirming.